Ivory Tulips Beautiful long stem ivory tulips.
Yellow Tulips
Beautiful long stem yellow tulips.
Black Eyed Susan
Black Eyed Susan is native in North America. Use as a cut flower.
Purple Coneflower
Echinacea purpurea is a North American species. Use as a cut flower or use for tea.
Pastel pink and purple shades. We also have a orange variety.
Pastel colors white, pink and purple. Great for cut or dried flower.
Phlox in bloom are a sight to behold, with masses of small, star-shaped, colorful flowers. Good for a cut flower, however, they tend to drop blooms. They smell so good a little mess is worth bringing them inside.
The ideal lilac shrub has about 10 canes and produces flowers at eye-level—all the better to enjoy that sweet, haunting fragrance. Great for making bouquets.
Includes salmon-apricot/yellow, cherry-red/apricot, white picotee pink/cream, two-tone pink, and white. A great cut or dried flower.
Many colors and varieties. Great for cut flower.

Seldom Home Farm is steadily adding more and more varieties of flowers to the farm. Hopefully, our flowers will be approved for market sales for the 2017 season otherwise they will be available here at Seldom Home Farm. We also have a U-pick available for the flowers at a reduced price. Bring your family and friends to help pick some flowers and go home with beautiful bouquets. We always welcome visitors to the farm. Yes, Seldom Home Farm wants to give back to the community by letting our visitors pick free Zinnias!. Zinnias are relativly easy to grow requiring very little maintenance so we thought why not! We will also have potted flowers for sale. A unique part of our U-pick is that if you would like to dig up your own flower plant for transplanting this is permitted as long as it's an approved variety. (Pots are not included for U-pick flower plants.)


Sheila I just have to say you are impressing the heck out of me. I admire your detication and discplene to work out every morning. Being an athlete back in the days I know exactly how hard it is to do what you are doing. You should be so proud of yourself! I was wondering something, please excuse me if I'm being to intrusive, however, I was courious if you could use some fresh soon to be certified USDA Organic herbs and vegetables this upcoming spring. I was wondering if you would be interested in a little bartering/trading? I would like donate and give to you a $100 CSA Promissory Card to be used for any product I sell out here at the farm or up at the Urbana Market. The only thing I ask in return is if you could trim my hair every now and then. I do my own bangs, however, I've never mastered cutting the back of my hair by myself. It's a good thing I am sort of house bound and I can just put my hair in a pony tail. ha ha