Basil, Cinnamon Traditional basil flavor, so the result is a spicy-sweet combination that works as well in baked goods as it does in pastas and salads.
Basil, Genovese Large leaf originated in Italy.
Basil, Holy A stimulating herb for our immune systems, use the sweet anise scented leaves and flowers in restorative teas, fresh or dried.  Add to salads, soups, vegetables and egg dishes.
Basil, Italian Sweet A must for tomato dishes and pasta sauce.  Add to salads, soups, vegetables and egg dishes.
Basil, Large Leaf Ideal fresh for pesto and dried for soups, pasta and tomato dishes. 
Basil, Lemon Lemon flavor. Use as flavoring for vinegar, fish or fruit salad. 
Basil, Lime Pair perfectly with lemon basil for a full explosion of tangy fresh flavor. Excellent for flavoring sauces, dressings and desserts.
Basil, Purple Use it in flavored vinegar, as a garnish, or fresh in salads.
Basil, Thai A fine culinary and tea basil. An intensely sweet, anise-like fragrance with hints of mint and citrus. Also known as Licorice Basil.
Chives, Garlic White ball shaped flowers mild garlic taste.
Chives, Regular Hollow, thin leaves delicate flavor. Great for salads, soups and omelets.
Cilantro Use in sausage, marinade, curry powder and pastries. Use leave in oriental, Mexican Mediterranean dishes.
Dill, Bouquet Feathery leaves topped with large seed heads. Used in pickling, eggs, fish and salads.
Dill, Goldkrone Delightful feathery leaves.
Epazote Pungent flavor with refreshing, minty overtones. Use in chili sauces and bean dishes.
Fennel Sliced bulbs are often grilled or roasted to bring out their subtle sweetness, and they also bring a crunchy, aromatic element to raw salads. The fine, frond-like leaves are used as garnish and to impart subtle anise flavor to meat, poultry, and vegetable dishes.
Marjoram Tiny gray-green leaves are used for fish, meats, soups, vinegar and bean dishes.
Mint, Apple Apple Mint have a wonderful fruity scent - an apple-menthol fragrance that is delightful.
Mint, Chocolate Crush fresh leaves into water for a refreshing beverage, or add to tea or coffee. You can also dry leaves for flavoring desserts, like ice cream, meringues, quick breads, or cakes.
Mint, Grapefruit Grapefruit mint has a zesty citrus flavor.
Mint, Julep Mint Julep is named after the famous drink “Mint Julep” that is made with Kentucky bourbon. It is one of the sweeter mints, and goes well in desserts and teas.
Mint, Lemon Leaves can be used raw or cooked for flavoring in salads, cooked foods, and for tea.
Mint,Mojito Crush fresh leaves into water for a refreshing beverage, or add to tea or coffee. You can also dry leaves for flavoring desserts, like ice cream, meringues, quick breads, or cakes.
Mint,Pineapple Makes a pleasing tea or seasoning for meats and other dishes.
Mint,Peppermint Makes a pleasing tea or seasoning for meats and other dishes.
Mint, Spearmint Makes a pleasing tea or seasoning for meats and other dishes.
Mint,Strawberry For a refreshing strawberry mint tea.
Oregano, Greek Great for Mediterranean and Mexican dishes. Sharp, pungent aroma and flavor.
Rosemary Piney bittersweet flavoring.  Great for roasted chicken.
Sage Smoky, woodsy taste and aroma.   Popular for poultry seasoning.
Parsley, Dark Moss Peppery fresh leaves.  Curled parsley.
Parsley, Flat Leaf Tangy, flat leaves.  More flavorful than curled parsley.
Tarragon Peppery, anise-like flavor and a hint of vanilla.
Thyme Used fresh or dried for flavoring soups, poultry, fish and meatloaf.
Arugula, Roquette Adds unmistakable taste to salads. Fine peppery sweet flavor.
Beans, Contender 5-6" heavy cropper with strong, distinctive flavor.  Tender and samller inner beans than Topcrop.
Beans, Royalty Purple Pod 5" long. When used raw add rich color to salads, blanch for two minutes and they turn green.
Beans, Top Crop 6 - 7" long, round, straight, meaty and free from string and fiber.  One of the best for canning.
Beans, Yard Long Slender and long 12" to 18". Pleasant flavor, especially when cooked with other vegetables.
Beans, Golden Wax Delicious, golden-yellow pods are stringless and are of good quality with extra- fine rich flavor.
Beans, Roma II Pods are long flat, fleshy, tender and stringless. Good for home garden, fresh market or as a dry bean.
Beans, Dragon's Tongue Large cream and purple pods. Stringless pods; exceptionally crisp and juicy. Wax bean.
Beans, Fava Fava beans are one of the oldest plants under cultivation, having been grown in ancient Greece and Rome. Produces large, 6 1/2-7" pods with 4-5 large seeds.
Beets, Detroit Dark Red These perfectly round 3" beets have striking deep red flesh that's incredibly sweet. Baby beets make excellent eating,
Broccoli, Green Sprouting Calabrese Dark green close beaded bluish green central head. Abundance of side shoots.
Broccoli, Green Comet Big heads 6-7" across.
Brussels Sprouts, Long Island improved Great flavor and big nutrition.
Cabbage, Copenhagen Market An excellent cabbage for fresh or cooked applications. Many use Copenhagen Market for a tasty sauerkraut.
Cabbage, Perfection Drumhead Savoy Perfection is a large drumhead-type cabbage that has finely-wrinkled, savoyed leaves that are mild and sweet in flavor. Perfection Savoy lacks the sulfur like smell when cooking that other cabbages can sometimes have.
Cabbage, Pak Choi Pak choi is grown for its stalks, which are used in Asian cooking. It is also delicious raw.
Cabbage, Michihili (Chinese Napa) The tender leaves are often used raw as a romaine lettuce would be, in salads or coleslaw. It can be steamed whole, finely cut into slices for a salad, or cut coarsely for a stir-fry. Cooked leaves and stalks add flavour to soups, stews, pasta dishes, and stir-fries.
Cabbage, Blues F1 (Chinese Napa) Leaves are very tender, tasty and delicious, excellent for cooking and pickling.
Cabbage, Bilko (Chinese Napa) Napa cabbage is a Chinese cabbage and can be eaten raw or cooked and is a favorite for pickling.
Cabbage, Red An excellent choice to use for coleslaw. Red Acre Cabbage is not only beautiful, but it is sweet and crisp!
Carrot, Rainbow Blend Atomic Red, Cosmic Purple, Solar Yellow, Lunar White and Bambino. All suitable for growth as gourmet baby veggies or full-sized mature roots. Their flavor and texture matures early, so you get the full "carrot" bite in delicious miniature form!
Carrot, Nantes It grows 6-8" roots are sweet, tender, and crisp and is practically coreless.
Carrot, Danvers Half Long Heirloom carrot developed in 1886. The root is a rich, dark orange and is 6-8" long.
Cantaloupe, Golden Delicious
Cantaloupe, Honey Rock
Cantaloupe, Hales Best
Cantaloupe, Iroquois
Collards, Georgia Southern Grown for its tender blue-green leaves that are boiled or steamed for greens.
Cucumber, Boston Pickling An heirloom variety is excellent for pickling. However, this variety is also excellent for salads!
Cucumber, Long Green Improved Long Green Improved is a large cucumber that produces luscious vegetables up to 12 inches.
Cucumber, Lemon  This versatile cucumber is sweet and flavorful, and doesn't have much of the chemical that makes other cucumbers bitter.
Cucumber, Straight Eight Produces dark green 8" with a small seed cavity and crisp.  Smaller may be pickled.
Eggplant, Black Beauty Deep purplish black.  Tasty at all stages.
Eggplant, Cloud Nine White eggplant bitter free fruit with an elegant teardrop shape and delicate flavor.
Eggplant, Fairy Tale Wonderful flavor with no bitterness and very few seeds. Attractive, 2-4" long by 3/4-1 1/4" diameter.
Eggplant, Long Purple (Japanese) Japanese eggplant. Great for grilling or stir-fry.
Eggplant, Gretel Hybrid Loads of mini, white-skinned eggplant. Tender, bitter-free fruits should be harvested beginning when they are 3-4" long.
Eggplant, Rosa Bianca White with soft lavender streaks in the skin.  White, bitter free flesh.  Round to teardrop shape.
Eggplant, Turkish Orange Brilliant-orange, round fruits. They should be eaten in the green stage. Sweet with a perfumy fragrance. Great for stuffing. Tennis ball sized fruits.
Kale, Siberian Tender, blue-green leaves with a mildly sweet flavor.
Kale, Winterbor F1 Leaves are well-curled, blue-green, and ruffled.
Kale, Red Russian Tender compared to other kales. For salads and light cooking.
Kale, Toscano Italian heirloom. Lacinato or "dinosaur" type. Unique leaf type: extra-dark green, noncurled but heavily blistered. Rich, tender leaves have a softer texture than curly green kales.
Kohlrabi, Early White Vienna Creamy white flesh.
Lettuce, Buttercrunch This extremely popular lettuce has a luscious, buttery texture. The soft heads are creamy yellow inside.
Lettuce, Parris Island Classic Heirloom. Provides good flavor and texture to salad mix. A delicious, crisp Romaine type lettuce.
Lettuce, Prizehead Large, crumpled and curled, loose leaf type with reddish tinge on leaves. One of the most popular and best tasting heirloom lettuces.
Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson Bright green leaves, tender and sweet at all stages.
Lettuce, Salad Mix A mix of curly green, curly red, buttercrunch or romaine and other other greens.
Mustard Greens, Southern Giant Milder spicy-mustard flavor than others mustard green heirlooms. Served raw, the young leaves are tasty in salads.
Mustard Greens, Red Giant
Mustard Greens, Tendergreen An heirloom mustard with a mild flavor that can be used just like spinach.
Okra, Clemson Spineless 80 Semi-spined, grooveless pods.  Picked at 3-4: length.
Onions, Red Burgermaster Hybrid Big, bright red, globe shaped with sweet, mild flavor.  Good keeper.
Onions, Sweet Walla Walla A delicious, mild, sweet onion, measuring about 4 inches across. Mild enough to eat like an apple.  Northern version for Vadelia type.
Onions, Sweet Spanish White It has a sweet flavor and very little of the sharpness that some onions have. Great for soups and salads that require a light onion flavor. An heirloom from Spain. Easy-to-peel, 3 inch bulb.
Pepper, Anaheim Bright green 7" long.  Mildly pungent.  Use fresh, canned, fried or dried.
Pepper, Big Jim New mexico anaheim type, thick walled 7-9" long green to red.
Pepper, Cayenne Golden Dark green 6" X 1/2" turning golden yellow.
Pepper, Cayenne Slim Long thin fiery hot peppers turn a bright red. Thin walls make drying easy.
Pepper, Cherry Bomb Good for relish trays, salad, and pickling.
Pepper, Espananola Improved Similar to Sandia Peppers but with thinner walls and hotter pungency.
Pepper, Garden Salsa A medium-hot pungent chili pepper perfect for salsa. Tapered 7 to 8 inch long fruit have medium thick walls.
Pepper, Large Red Thick Cayenne
Pepper, Habanero - Caribbean Red Large red habanero type 445,000 Scovilles Units.
Pepper, Habanero - Scotch Bonnet Yellow From the Caribbean.  Habanero family with shape variations.
Pepper, Hungarian Super Hot Pendant 8" tapered fruit.  Light green/yellow/red.  Very hot.
Pepper, Indian Calcutta 2-3" X 1/4" pepper.
Pepper, Jalapeno 3 inch green to fire hot red pepper.
Pepper, Mex Joe Parker Anaheim type green to red.  Mild to medium. 6-7" X 2".  Less pungent than Big Jim.
Pepper, Ancho/Poblano Mild green ripening to reddish brown (heart shaped) 3-4" long.  Good roasted or stuffed. 
Pepper, Purple Jalapeno Larger than regular Jalapeno.  Turns dark purple to red.
Pepper, Santa FeGrande Medium thick walled. 3 1/2" X 1 3/4".  Yellow to orange to red.
Pepper, Serrano Green to red.  2" X 1/2".
Pepper, Super Chili Very hot 2.5" fruit.
Pepper, Tabasco Small fiery pointed chile. Green/Yellow/Orange/Red. Uniquely smoky taste.
Pepper, Thai Small hot pods 1 - 1 1/2" long.  Thin green to bright red.
Pepper, Volcano India, hybrid, moderately pungent. Smooth flesh 5" X 1/3" light green to red. Easily dried.
Pepper, Zimbabwe Bird Africa, very hot, tiny triangular pods 3/4" long 1/4" across.
Pepper, Bell Boy Hybrid 3-4 lobed.  Sweet, crisp and mild.
Pepper, California Wonder 3-4 loved. Sweet, crisp and mild. 4" X 4" blocky fruits. Great for stuffed peppers
Pepper, Cherry
Pepper, Chinese Giant
Pepper, Coro di Toro Sweet 6 - 8 inch green to red horn shaped fruits.  Great roasted or stuffed.
Pepper, Golden California Wonder Blocky, 3.5-7.5" fruits. Ripens from green to golden yellow to deep orange. Very sweet 4 lobed.
Pepper, Italian Relleno Delicious roasted, fried, and especially stuffed.
Pepper, Marconi Red This sweet pepper is great for grilling, frying and for salads. Italian roasting pepper.
Pepper, Paprika Supreme Pepper for making paprika. Long with thin walls for quick drying.
Pepper, Pepperocini Italian pepper. Great fresh, in soups and stews or pickled.
Pepper, Pimento 3" X 2 1/2:,  great freash,, roasted, peeled canned, good in salads, omelets or eat it like an apple.
Pepper, Sweet Banana Sweet and mild.  6" pale yellow fruits turning scarlet when fully ripe.
Pepper, Sweet Bell Mix Sweet bell.  Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Purple
Pumpkin, Baby Boo Tiny white pumpkins.
Pumpkin, Jack Be Little
Radish, Cherry Belle Globe to round, skin bright cherry red, slender tap root. Flesh is white, crisp and firm. One of the best.
Radish, Sparkler
Radish, White Icicle
Radish Minowase Brakon radishes. Milder flavor and enjoyed with oriental foods.
Snow Peas, Oregon Sugar Pod II Variety produces pods that are edible and very sweet, with good freezing quality.
Spinach, Space Medium dark green leaves. Smooth to slightly savoyed.
Summer Squash, Black
Summer Squash, Early Prolific Straightneck Great lightly sautéed or fresh with a vegetable dip. Flesh is tender and delicious.
Summer Squash, Yellow Crookneck Buttery flavor and firm texture. Best picked small 4-5" long.
Summer Squash, Patty Pan Great lightly sauteed or fresh with a vegetable dip.
Summer Squash, Sunburst Hybrid Great lightly sauteed or fresh with a vegetable dip.
Summer Squash, Eight Ball Dark green, shiny round zucchini. For best flavor, harvest when fruit is 2-3" in diameter.
Summer Squash, Geode Light green, round zucchini. Counterpart to Eight Ball.
Summer Squash, Floridor Bright yellow, round zucchini. Counterpart to Eight Ball.
Swiss Chard, Fordhook
Swiss Chard, Lucullus
Swiss Chard, Rainbow
Swiss Chard, Rhubarb
Tomato, Amish Paste 3-10 oz Heirloom paste tomato. Great for juice and sauce.
Tomato, San Marzano 3 - 5 oz Considered by many chefs to be the best sauce tomatoes in the world. Great for fresh use, canning, juice, and sauce. Compared to the roma, the flesh is much thicker with fewer seeds, and the taste is much stronger, more sweet and less acidic.
Tomato, Giant Valentine Hybrid 6-10 oz Big 6-10 oz.  Semi-pear, semi-plum.  Larger than similar varieties.
Tomato, Ropreco 2-3 oz 2-3" Italian type, like a roma, but brighter red.
Tomato, Viva Italia Hybrid 2-3 oz 2-3" Italian type.
Tomato, Health Kick Hybrid 4-6 oz Plum shaped 4 to 6 oz. Variety has 50% more lycopene.
Tomato, Roma 3-5 oz Pear-shaped fruit. Bright tangy flavor has made this variety a favorite for sauces and canning.
Tomato, Ace 55 7 oz A nice tomato for those who don't like the acidic taste of tomatoes. This however makes Ace 55 a poor choice for canning. If you can this tomato you will need to pressure cook it due to the low acid content.
Tomato, Beefsteak 4-16 oz Big , beefy. 10-12 oz with old time flavor.
Tomato, Brandywine Red 14-16 oz An excellent Amish heirloom beefsteak tomato.
Tomato, Bucks County hybrid 7-12 oz Heirloom parentage rich old fashioned flavor. Derived from the Red Brandywine
Tomato, Delicious 7 oz Plump, meaty fruits that weigh well over a pound. The name describes the taste — flavorful, juicy and just plain delicious.
Tomato, Cherokee Purple 8-10 oz Tennessee heirloom of Cherokee Indian origin. Large reddish green tomatoes with a purple cast.
Tomato, Cherokee Red 8-10 oz Tennessee heirloom of Cherokee Indian origin. Large reddish green tomatoes with a purple cast.
Tomato, Celebrity Hybrid 7 oz This variety has superb flavor. 7-9 oz tomato.
Tomato, Jetsetter Hybrid 8 oz Very flavorful 8 oz tomatoes. Tomatoes have a very rich tomato taste. Excellent in salads or sandwiches.
Tomato, Lemon Boy Hybrid VFN 6-12 oz 6 oz lemon-yellow tomato that are meaty.  Sweet and juicy.
Tomato, Orange F1 This zesty orange beefsteak delivers full-bodied homegrown flavor.
Tomato, Taxi Yellow tomato use fresh, canning, juice and sauce.
Tomato, Rutgers 7 oz Uniform 7 to 8 oz tomato with a small seed cavity. Great for canning.
Tomato, Sunmaster Hybrid 7 oz Plant produces good yields of 7 oz red tomatoes even at temperatures above 90 degrees at night. Plant does well during droughts too.
Tomato, Wisconsin 55 6-8 oz. One of the last improved OP varieties before hybrids began to dominate the market.
Tomato, 4th of July Hybrid 4 oz Extra juice yet firm. 4 oz. tomato. Great snack size, much larger than cherry yet sweet cherry taste.
Tomato, Garden Peach 4 oz The peach fuzz skin on this tomato is amazing.
Tomato, Black Cherry Perfectly round cherry tomato with classic black tomato flavor, sweet yet rich and complex.
Tomato, Snow White Ivory colored cherry tomato.
Tomato, Sun Sugar Hybrid 1" Seldom Home Farm's favorite. Beautiful round nuggets of golden color; thin tasty skin. Go ahead, pop them like candy! Much sweeter than Sun Gold variety.
Tomato, Super Sweet 100 Hybrid Cherry sized 1" tomatoes having super high sugar and vitamin C content.  Great for salads, or as a snack.
Tomato, Large Red Cherry 1½-2". Great full flavor. Preferred variety for canning whole. A favorite for salads and fresh eating.
Tomato, Peacevine Extremely high in vitamin C and gamma-amino butyric acid, a body sedative that calms jitters.
Tomato, Red Pear 1 1/2 - 2" pear shaped red tomatoes.
Tomato, Yellow Pear 1 1/2 - 2" pear shaped yellow tomatoes.
Turnip, Purple Top White Globe
Turnip Greens, Seven Top Rich in vitamins. Grown for its tasty, dark-green leaves. Delicious as a cooked green.
Watermelon, Gold Strike
Watermelon, Jubilee
Watermelon, Sweet Ruby Hybrid
Winter Squash, Butternut
Indian Sub-Cont
Bean Gawar, Navbahar This crunchy bean is low in calories and popular throughout India.
Methi/Fenugreek Use your fenugreek greens in salads, stir fries, boiled up into soup with other vegetables and spices.
Eggplant, Bharta Color of fruit is shining black and round shape.
Eggplant, Hari Mild flavor, though not flavorless, like whites, and still no bitterness when large and seedy.
Eggplant, Shiva Mild flavor, though not flavorless, like whites, and still no bitterness when large and seedy.
Gourd, Bitter Green Long Long, tender, dark green color fruits, light green at blossoms end. Length 9.5-11.5".
Gourd, Karela 7-7" long. Dark Green. Type of bitter gourd.
Gourd, Tinda-Jaya Also known as apple gourd. Prepared in India in a number of ways: cooked with curry or served with eggplant, peas, potatoes or other vegetables.
Gourd, Bottle - Alok Its delicate nutty flavor adds greatly to hot curries as well as cooling yogurt dishes like Raita. It can be used like squash but it has a firmer, crisper texture. 1 to 1.5 ft long.
Gourd, Ridge Lowers blood sugar level: It contains insulin-like peptides, alkaloids and charantin, which help to lower blood and urine sugar levels without altering blood insulin levels.
Gourd, Spounge Sponge gourd or luffa is eaten as a vegetable in it's immature stage. 2 in wide and 10 in long.
Melon, Asian Vegetable melon
Pepper, Tejaswini The fruits are dark green 3 to 31/2 inches long, 3/4 to 11/4 inches in girth and are very hot.